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    Ultra Defined Creme

    Our Price:  169.00MYR

    Ultra Defined Creme Ultra Defined Crème uses mainly ingredients extracted from plants with effective whitening effect primarily to curb the activity of tyrosinase and formation of melanin.
    Formulated with BHA technology, it promotes cells regeneration and provides effective whitening and pigment lightening result. Unique combination of BHA with plant extracts is very safe and mild to the skin yet producing significant results without drying out your skin, leaving your skin moisturized and supple.

    Usage Direction : Put on a layer and smoothen it evenly after E-Sense Serum has been applied. For night use only.

    Active Ingredients: Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine, 2-Hydroxybenzoic acid, Hexylresorcinol, Licorice Root Extract, Morus Alba Root Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Great Burnet Root Extract.

    Recommended Dosage : Thin to medium layer. Not suitable for acne and sensitive skin.

    Size: 15g e 0.5fl.oz